Golden Frontier Inventive Update Quests

These are the quests that came with the Inventive Update released on 9/23/2015.

Academy of Sciences (after completing comes 2 quests: Developing Technology and Time does not wait)

Golden Frontier Academy of Sciences Quest








Developing Technology (after completing comes Laboratory and Progress of Science)

Golden Frontier Developing Technology Quest











Time Does Not wait (no quests follow this line)

Golden Frontier Time Doesn't Wait Quest











Laboratory (after completing comes Scientific Tools.)

Golden Frontier Laboratory Quest











Scientific Tools (Helping Colleagues follows after completing)

Golden Frontier Scientific Tools Quest











Helping Colleagues (no quests follow after completing)

Golden Frontier Helping Collegues Quest











Progress of Science (after completing follows Timed Quest: First Invention)

Golden Frontier Progress of Science Quest


NOTE: As soon as you complete this quest, it will activate the “TIMED QUEST.”

Perhaps it would be best to make the SCALES ahead of time since they only take 1/2 hour to craft.

Don’t make the Retorts ahead of time since they are part of the quest and you will need to make them for that quest. (They also take 1 hour.)




First Invention ****TIMED QUEST****

Golden Frontier First Invention Timed Quest

Note: You can now use the “Urgent Order” to speed up crafting in the Laboratory.



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