Golden Frontier Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets are a staple in your Frontier. Once you have cleared them, you need to wait for a new Territory to open, trade or craft them in your Smithy.

Gold Nuggets are found on all Territories except on Map 3. (introduction of San Monsano where Platinum is used like Gold Nuggets)

Mine them with a Pickaxe


Craft then in your Smithy…. no huntsmen are needed!


In the Trading Post:

trading-post-1 trading-post-2

trading-post-3 trading-post-4


At the Coast or where you built your Schooner


At the Coast and Archaeological Territories, use dynamite to blow up Sea Rocks and get random drops of Gold Nuggets.


On the Coast at the Port


Joe’s Hut on the Mountain Pass



From the Railroad Station at the River


Here is a map of where to find the hidden Gold Nuggets at the River Location. These are in the “free” area. These are the 9 easiest places to find them. Of course, there is more in the expanded area, but for those who cannot expand yet, this will help you find some gold…  There may be more… but these are the easiest places to find it. Just hover your mouse!  When this was first released, there was no Pickaxe needed, and players received 10 Gold Nuggets. This has been changed, and now you will receive 1 nugget and use 1 Pickaxe for mining nuggets.

Golden-Frontier-Gold-Nuggets-1 Golden-Frontier-Finding-Gold-2

















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