Golden Frontier Unreleased Science Update!

The science update has come to VK, but not yet to Facebook. In this update, we will be filling another bar similar to the cave. Filling the bar includes getting an eccentric Scientist and an Air Ship!

After the quest :”The progress of Science”, you will receive “The First Invention” in which the 2 week timed event starts. We will give you as much info on what is needed so you can start crafting ahead!!

Golden Frontier Unreleased Science Update









Here are the basics… There are 2 buildings to build 1 which we will do the primary crafting, and the other which holds the info… I am not sure of the proper names at this time, but will have all the info once the update hits facebook… probably on 9/24/2015.

This is the first building…

Unreleased building 1










Here is the building Info

Unreleased building 1 Stage 1










2nd Building

Unreleased 2nd Building






Building Stages

1 of 3 2 of 3 3 of 3


























Crafting info:

Ruler Recipe (made in workshop)

ruler workshop







Screwdriver (made in smithy)

screwdriver smithy







This will be a new Free Gift item.. so you will need to add to your wish list!












Building 1… a peek inside

Page 1

Page 1

Page 2

Page 2






















This is similar to the cave… There are 3 basic recipes… the 3rd is only purchasable with game bucks… and not necessary or required to purchase.











To make many of these items, you will want to be prepared… Craft saws, glass, heat… Start mining for Silver Ore in your Mine now… and make plenty of Silver… You will also need plenty of Hammers to make the hardware!!!














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