Golden Frontier Business Quests

The Business Update, released on 9/10/2015 gave us a series of new quests! There are 3 basic quest lines. After finishing, others that follow that line follow pretty much right after.

The first quest that comes with the update is Don’t forget to help.

Golden Frontier Don't Forget to Help Quest


To pass this sending documents to friends… go to your gifts, click documents, and click “show those who look for.”

Friends must have the Document in their wish list in order for it to count for the quest!






After completing , you get The Benefit of Investment and First Share.

Golden Frontier The Benefit of Investment Quest









After The Benefit of Investment comes Income from Shares

No quests come after Income from shares!

Golden Frontier Income From Shares Quest

The Urgent Order speeds up crafting by 30 minutes. In order to use (apply) it, you must have something crafting!

Golden Frontier Using Urgent Order







Make sure you have something crafting in your Smithy or Workshop. Then go to your warehouse and click on the Urgent order. Click apply. The highlighted shops will show you what you can use the Urgent Order on!


Golden Frontier Using Urgent Order 1









First Share (after completing comes Running Business)

Golden Frontier First Share Quest


Mining for a gold nugget… Use a Pick Axe!









Running Business (after completion Follows Capitalist, and another new quest line: The Steps of Businessmen













Capitalist (completes this quest line)

Golden Frontier Capitalist Quest










First Steps of Businessman

Golden Frontier First Steps of Businessman Quest













For Experienced Businessmen

Golden Frontier For Experienced Businessmen Quest











Rich Businessmen

Golden Frontier Rich Businessman Quest














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