Golden Frontier Railway Update Quests

These are the quests associated with the railway update released on 9/8/2015

The first quest is “Bridge Across the River” however… many people completed the quest beforehand by a glitch in the game… so you may or may not have already received this first quest!

Golden Frontier Bridge Across The River Quest


Since you cannot store Hay in the Barn, you need to make hay to pass the first part of this quest!









After completing Bridge across the River, you will receive 2 more quest lines… Dairy Cows and Railway Station. Dairy Cows is the only quest in that line… nothing else will pop up after finishing that quest.

Golden Frontier Dairy Cows Quest











After Completing Railway station, you will receive each quest as pictured.

Golden Frontier Railway Station Quest












Collecting Materials

Golden Frontier Collecting Materials Quest










Beautiful Station

Golden Frontier Beautiful Station Quest









Railway Trade

Golden Frontier Railway Trade Quest












Great Income (last quest for Railway Update)

Golden Frontier Great Income Quest


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