Golden Frontier Sending Gifts from Warehouse

Besides sending free gifts, you can help friends from your warehouse… but those items will be deducted from inventory.

To send a gift from your warehouse, click the warehouse icon, then scroll through the items in your warehouse. Example: A friend needs nails, and you have extra. Click your warehouse, then scroll until you see nails .(click the yellow arrow) Then click the gift box icon.

Golden Frontier Gifting Nails from Warehouse








After you click the gift box icon, a list of friends will pop up, and you can use the empty box on top to search for the friend you want to gift the nails to.

Golden Frontier Gifting Nails from Warehouse to Friend













To send certain items, like Americano… is a bit trickier, but possible. When you go to your warehouse, and scroll to Americano, it will only show that you can “Apply” it. Simply pick anything else that is giftable.

In the photo above, you see Nails being gifted to Troy. Click the yellow arrows and scroll through until you see Americano, and you can send it to friends!

Golden Frontier Gifting Americano from Warehouse to Friend


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