Golden Frontier River Quests

You will receive 2 quests in the new River Update released on 9/3/2015!

NOTE: When you First receive this update, you will see the quests on the left of your screen… When you return from the river, there will be a bridge icon. Click that bridge icon, and you will see all the river quests at the bottom… just click each quest to see what you need to accomplish without needing to travel back and forth!

Golden Frontier River Quests





click to see River quests



Clyde’s Hammer, you will receive with the update.

Golden Frontier Clyde's Hammer Quest








After you finish Clyde’s Hammer, 3 more quests pop up. Each new quest revolves around doing particular actions… The quests are Building Bridge, Supplies for Tom, and Trading with Tom.

Building Bridge

Golden Frontier Building Bridge Quest










Here is what you need to build the Railway Bridge

Stage 1

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 2



















This is the railway station…. but it hasn’t been released yet… It will be released probably next week with the Railway Update!

Railway Station







After Completing the Building Bridge Quest, another 2 quests pop up… Refreshments for Billy and Willy, Bridge Contract.

Refreshments for Billy and Willy

After completing, Finished Bridge will pop up.

Golden Frontier Refreshments for Billy and Willy Quest


You can craft these in Cloudy Lands!











Finished Bridge (After completion Billy and Willy pop up.)

Golden Frontier Finished Bridge Quest






Board= plank






Billy and Willy

Golden Frontier Billy And Willy Quest



Click help, and it will take you to the shop to purchase Billy and Willy’s tent.






To pay Billy and Willy, click on their tent, and you will see this pop-up. Just click “fill” and you automatically pay Billy and Willy! After that, you can choose to upgrade their tent.

Golden Frontier Paying Billy and Willy


Note: Billy and Willy do not need food to work… you pay them with coins!




Upgrade stages for Billy and Willy

Stage 1

Stage 1











Stage 2

Stage 2












Note: Billy and Willy do not eat Food to work… instead you pay them coins! You can also increase work time.

Paying Billy and Willy









Hiring Billy and Willy









Increase Work Time

Increase Work Time Billy and Willy










Bridge Contract 

Golden Frontier Bridge Contract Quest












Supplies for Tom 

Golden Frontier Supplies for Tom Quest


You can pass these in your Main “Cloudy Lands” Territory.










Trade with Tom (Nothing pops up after completing this quest)

Golden Frontier Trade With Tom Quest












Quest Line 2 upon loading the River Location:

Territory for Sale

Golden Frontier Territory For Sale Quest






Note: If you don’t have enough gold nuggets to purchase the land South of the Foot Bridge, you can clear some area, and place your huntsmen tent



To place the Huntsmen tent, put it past the small foot bridge!



When you click help to buy the land, this is the pop-up you will see.

Golden Frontier Building Land Cost








Placing the Huntsmen Tent

Placing the Huntsmen Tent







Tall Pine Quest (This completes the 2nd Questline)

Golden Frontier Tall Pine Quest











If you are hard-pressed for Gold Nuggets, there are a couple of Gold Deposits at the New River Location… They only use 1 Pick axe, and you receive about 10 Gold Nuggets… but they are few and far between…. Use them wisely!

Gold Nugget

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