Golden Frontier Blue Hot-Air Balloon

With the “Writer’s” release on 8/27/2015, is the addition of the blue and orange balloons and the Writer’s House!

Golden Frontier Blue Hot Air Balloon

The Blue Hot-Air Balloon is available for Level 22 players in the Shop for 2000 coins or early unlock for 22 Bucks!









Building the Blue Balloon

Stage 1

Stage 1











Recipe crafted for the balloon

Golden Frontier Wanderer's Parcel Recipe







Note: you will need a Burner crafted from the Smithy! If your huntsmen tent isn’t upgraded, you can increase work time by feeding a snack, picnic or feast!

Golden Frontier Burner Recipe







What’s inside the Wanderer’s Parcel??

Golden Frontier Wanderer's Parcel Reward

Experience and several collection items are inside the Wanderer’s Parcel!




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