Golden Frontier Wish List

Your wish list plays a vital role in receiving gifts. Friends can easily send you items needed through your wish list. Your best bet though is having ” FREE GIFT” items in it, instead of hard to make crafts like plywood, fabric, chains, etc.

To add a free gift item to your wish list, click the free gift tab located at the bottom of your game. Choose an item from the free gifts, and click the yellow + next to it. Then select an empty space to add the item.  There are 4 spaces to have items in your wish list.

NOTE: If you are in desperate need of a certain item, let’s say sugar… Keep sugar 1st on your wish list, and only have sugar listed. You are more likely to receive more of what you need by limiting the items in your list!

Golden Frontier Show Add Item to Wish List

To remove an item from your wish list, simply click an item already there, and you will see a prompt to remove it.





Remember… It is BEST to have Free Gift items in your Wish List. You can add items like chains, sheet metal, etc. HOWEVER… Think about how likely you are to send those items to a friend! If you are not likely to send sheet metal to someone, chances are you probably will not be receiving it yourself. If you don’t have Free Gift items in your wish list, you also probably will not be receiving many free gifts from friends since they are sending free gifts by means of items on the wish list. 

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