Golden Frontier Sending Gifts

Sending gifts on a daily basis plays a vital role to you and your friends. Knowing how best to send gifts and help your friends will make them happier and yourself as well!

First, click on the “gifts”button located on the bottom left of your game. Then click the Blue “send” tab. A list of all free gifts will appear. Choose any gift by clicking the yellow “present” tab. We will use Grass as the example. When  you choose grass, you will then click the yellow “show those who look for’ button. ( this will give you the list for EVERY friend who has grass on their “wish list.”)  The yellow tab changes to say show all.

Golden Frontier Sending to friends

Next, click every player, up to 25 at a time. As of yet, there is no send all button, so you need to click each friend individually. There are 8 friends on a page. Click all 8, then click the yellow arrow. Click 8 more, etc. After you have 25, click the send button. You can only send 25 of the same gift at a time, so you can either choose a different gift by clicking the yellow arrow next to the Grass and send Glue to those friends, OR, you can scroll back to grass and send another round of 25 Grass.


Yes, sending gifts takes time, but it is well worth the effort! Make sure you always click the “show those who look for” tab when sending gifts. Why??? Because that list is always updated to YOUR wish list and your FRIENDS wish list. Remember… You want to receive what is in your “wish list” and you want to send your friends what they want too!!!

Golden Frontier Show those who look for gift

It’s no fun to be needing sugar, and not receive much because your friends aren’t clicking the show those who look for tab! You can always un check tell friends if you don’t want to send a notification with your gift!

Repeat the procedure of sending 25 at a time, until you have scrolled through all the gifts. Hopefully soon, the Devs will change the sending feature to make it a bit less time consuming!

NOTE: The gift box only holds 100 gifts at a time. If you have sent out gifts, and after refreshing your game and the same people keep appearing to send gifts to, it is because their gift box is full. Try sending gifts to them later.

Everyone is on line at different times around the world. Between working jobs, and daily life duties, gift boxes will be full at different times. Please try to keep that in mind instead of being frustrated!





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