Golden Frontier French Spring Rewards

Many are asking what the rewards give for the Francs asked for, and is it worth it! Well, here are the answers. I also wish this theme went along with the “look” of the game. These items seem out of place in a woodsy frontier!

Golden Frontier French Spring









Eiffel Tower –  The Eiffel Tower costs 199 Francs. It is worth it? Not in my opinion. It gives 10 Energy, Experience, and a Mountain Collection item. you can collect 3 times a day but the value and resources used to get all those Francs makes me wish I didn’t purchase it! However, it is nice to get the Mountain collection pieces since they are harder to get. Ok… I guess it isn’t a total waste…

Mime –  The Mime costs 119 Francs. Is it Worth it? Yes it is! The Mime lets you play the Wheel of Fortune Once a day to win an item off the wheel!

Golden Frontier Mime Reward








Magician –  The Magician costs 99 Francs. Is it worth it? Yes it is! You play a top hat game once a day. He shows you what is under all 3 top hats, and then mixes them. You pick a top hat and win the prize hidden.


Golden Frontier Magician Reward









Poodle –  The Poodle costs 29 Francs. Is it worth it? He does give 2 Francs and a Huntsmen Collection item every 8 hours. After the 2 weeks are over, he will just give a huntsmen collection item, so I guess that’s not so bad!

Bicycle –  The Bicycle costs 39 Francs. Is it worth it? Well, you can collect every 8 hours, and it gives you a Saw, Mountain Collection item and experience. I think it’s worth it!

More Energy –  Is it worth it? Not in my opinion! For 24 hours, the timer is reduced to giving you 1 energy every two minutes instead of 1 energy every 3 minutes, and when you are waiting for energy, it still seems to take forever!

More Experience –  Is it worth it? It depends on your supplies…. collecting from the Circus Tents and visiting neighbors earns experience. Turning in Collections and  collecting from trees, bushes and animals also earns experience. (you need the water, hay and bird fodder to keep collecting) For 24 hours, you can collect Double Experience points… so there are benefits to getting you closer to leveling up.

More Coins –  Is it worth it? For 24 hours you collect Double Coins. Again, it depends on your supplies! You collect coins from animals and crops primarily, besides Circus Tents and visiting neighbors. (You need lots of energy to keep planting crops) Also turning in some Collections gives coins. You can rack up quite a bit of extra coins this way!

Decide for yourself what is worth it to you, because of course, this is just my humble opinion!!












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3 Responses to Golden Frontier French Spring Rewards

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  2. Gin says:

    “The Poodle costs 29 Francs. Is it worth it? He does give 2 Francs and a Huntsmen Collection item once a day. After the 2 weeks are over, he will just give a huntsmen collection item”

    Q: Is it mentioned somewhere in the game that the giving of Francs will stop?

    • Bad Kitty says:

      Yes, it is. At the top left of your game, you should see an Eiffel Tower Icon. It will tell you approximately how many days are left for this timed theme.

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