Golden Frontier French Update Quests

French Artist is the first quest received. After completion it breaks off into 2 separate quest lines!

Golden Frontier French Artist Quest











Quest Line 1

More Sweets

Golden Frontier More Sweets Quest











Hunt for Gold

Golden Frontier Hunt for Gold Quest











Quest Line 2

Goods for Exchange

Golden Frontier Goods For Exchange Quest












Visit Friends

Golden Frontier Visit Friends Quest

Visit Friends

You will need to visit 5 friends and complete all 5 actions in order for it to count.

Help friends on field

After using your 5 allowed actions, use your “extra” guest actions to complete this part.(Extra guest actions are received from leveling up circus tents in your own frontier)

Sending caramel is easy! It’s on the free gift list!


Use All 5 actions on 5 Neighbors

Golden Frontier Visiting Friends









Golden Frontier Guest Actions


Extra actions are received from leveling up circus tents. Use these after you have already used the first 5 actions on your neighbor’s frontier!


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