Golden Frontier Fruit Update Quests

With the Fruit update came 3 Questlines (groups) given by Mary. 1 of them branches off into a 4th Quest line. As you finish each quest in a group, other quests in that grouping  follow. All quests are listed in the order you will receive them.

Questline 1  (3 quests)

Gratitude for Huntsmen

Golden Frontier Gratitude for Huntsmen Quest


Note: There is a Typo in this quest. You actually need to FEED a Feast to the huntsmen. (Increase work time)





Huntsmen Break

Golden Frontier Huntsmen Break Quest


Note: Another Typo. Feed the huntsmen 2 snacks. (increase work time)






Winter Stores

Golden Frontier Winter Stores Quest








Questline 2 (1 Quest)

Visiting Merchant

Golden Frontier Visiting Merchant Quest








Questline 3 (4 quests)

New Seeds

Golden Frontier New Seeds Quest







Fruit Tree

Golden Frontier Fruit Tree Quest








Cold Juice

Golden Frontier Cold Juice Quest








Fruit Garden

Golden Frontier Fruit Garden Quest









Questline 4 (2 Quests)

Hot Weather

Golden Frontier Hot Weather Quest








No Closed Windows

Golden Frontier No Closed Windows Quest


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