Golden Frontier Fruit Update

The “Fruit” Update, released on 8/6/2015, Gives us a new Building, recipes, crops and trees. This update gives us the ability to increase the huntsmen’s work time even if you haven’t upgraded the Huntsmen’s Tent!

The Summer Kitchen is available at Level 12 or higher for 3000 coins, or early unlock for 12 Bucks. 


Questlines that coincide with the Fruit update  <——– Click here for quests

Summer Kitchen: Click the picture for building requirements

Golden Frontier Summer Kitchen Update

Recipe making info as follows. NOTE: No Huntsmen are needed to craft recipes in the Summer Kitchen!

Golden Frontier Grape Juice Recipe

Golden Frontier Grape Juice Recipe

Golden Frontier Pineapple Juice Recipe

Golden Frontier Pineapple Juice Recipe

Golden Frontier Plum Juice Recipe

Golden Frontier Plum Juice Recipe

Golden Frontier Orange Juice Recipe

Golden Frontier Orange Juice Recipe

Golden Frontier Snack Recipe ( increases working time 1/2 hour)

Golden Frontier Snack Recipe

Golden Frontier Picnic Recipe (increases working time 1 hour)

Golden Frontier Picnic Recipe

Golden Frontier Feast Recipe (increases working time 2 hours)

Golden Frontier Feast Recipe

Two New Features to Feed/increase working time

Maximize your Huntsmen’s Work Time!

When you try to craft an item and your Huntsmen are hungry, you will still see the following message.


Click ok, and you will see a new box. You can now see how much working time is left in each tent. If you have several Huntsmen Tents, you can click the yellow arrow on the right and see the rest of the tents. Choose the tent you want to “feed” and click “Enter.”

New Feature

This will take you directly to that Tent where you can either feed OR increase the working time. ( if your huntsmen are hungry you will see a message to feed them before you can increase the working time.)  You can still feed the huntsmen the original way by clicking each tent to feed/increase working time.

Golden Frontier Increase Worktime

When you click “increase work time” you will see the following box. Choose which treat you would like to use by clicking treat. NOTE: To MAXIMIZE  the longest working times, it would be best to feed your huntsmen first, and then use a treat after they are full. You can give them a treat if they have shorter times, but I believe it will be the best advantage to use them when the huntsmen are full!

Golden Frontier Increase Worktimes

These are the newest additions to the “plant” category.

Golden Frontier New Crops

Golden Frontier Grapes

Please note that the Plum and Orange Trees use 2 Buckets of Water!

2 water crops







The Fruit Press is available in the Trading post.

Fruit Press Trading Post


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  1. Thank you so much for the info! You helped me so much!

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