Cave Quests

These are the quests in the order they were received! After you complete the “Start Searching in Cave quest, you will receive a 2 week Timed quest.

Golden Frontier Safe Entering Quest










Golden Frontier Start Searching in Cave Quest












Golden Frontier Deep Cave Quest














These are all 5 stages/levels in order to complete the last level.

Level 1

Level 1












Level 2

Level 2













Level 3

Level 3













Level 4

Level 4













Level 5

Level 5













Rewards given are quite similar to the rewards of the Circus Tent. Although this quest is “timed” (14 days), it is possible to finish. Don’t worry if you don’t though… No prizes given at the end are consequential enough to have a bad effect on further game progress!

When you complete all 5 stages of filling the cave, the “Deep Cave” Quest completes and you receive a Chest that you can keep in your inventory, or place in your Frontier. Opening the Chest gives you similar rewards as the Circus and Cave.

Cave Rewards

cave rewards



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3 Responses to Cave Quests

  1. JEWEL says:

    what if you did not make the timmed quest and did after the time ..“I GOT SIDE TRACKED“ LOL TY JEWELS

    • Bad Kitty says:

      I believe the quest disappears after the time… I haven’t heard from many players exactly what happens, but I think you can still parttcipate in the cave.

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