Clyde’s House

Beginning the game, Clyde’s House is pretty inactive, but he is the huntsmen you first meet in the game. He never needs to be fed, and always willing to lend a free hand at crafting.

Clyde’s House was activated with the “Furniture” update. Inside are furniture items you can replace by crafting new ones in the Furniture Workshop or by purchasing them from the shop!

Golden Frontier Clyde's House

Click on Clyde’s house to go inside!





Inside Clyde’s House

Clyde's House

Click on the different decor items to change the look inside Clyde’s house!





You can change the look for free after crafting from your Furniture Workshop. Click Replace. Change the color by clicking the yellow arrow to the right. Change the look of his bed, bookcase, chair, table and his chest.

Replace Clyde's Bed








Replace Clyde's Chair








Replace Clyde's Table








Replace Clyde's Bookcase








Replace Clyde's Chest


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