Golden Frontier Enclosure

Golden Frontier Enclosure


The Enclosure is a newly added Structure to the game. You are limited to 2 of them. The Enclosure uses HAY. The Hens cannot be placed in the Enclosure!




Building the Enclosure

Stage 1

Stage 1








Once you Complete the Enclosure, you will be able to add Adult Cows, Sheep and Goats. You can add 10 Hay at a time. Then close, reopen, and add another 10 Hay. Repeat until they are fed.

Feeding in Enclosure


Note: Your Enclosure will hold 50 animals and you can build 2 of them for a total of 100. 






You can also upgrade the Enclosure, but it costs $$$

Golden Frontier Enclosure Upgrade

Your warehouse in the Enclosure will hold 50 Hay. If you choose to upgrade it will cost 30 Bucks…






A Star appears above the Enclosure when animals are ready to harvest.




BIG NOTE:  If you have a quest to feed animals, take them out of the Enclosure in order for it to count toward the quest!

Golden Frontier Enclosure Info

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2 Responses to Golden Frontier Enclosure

  1. I bought the 2nd upgrade and I believe it cost me 60 not 30 bucks. Once I put my sheep in it I cannot collect from them even if I take them out of the enclosure. And if I take them out I cannot collect from them. If I take them out and refresh they are back inside the enclosure. Any help would be appreciated.

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