Golden Frontier Trading Post

Golden Frontier Trading Post

Golden Frontier Trading Post

The Trading post is where you trade Gold Nuggets for items in the game. We recommend saving your pickaxes and nuggets in the beginning. You will receive quests that ask you to trade in the Gold Nuggets for items and to mine for Gold Nuggets. Using them before you receive the quest will leave you unable to complete that quest until you craft the items yourself, or until a nice friend is willing to gift you what you need.


Trading Post Upgrade

Trading Post Stage 1

Stage 1












Trading Post Items

We also recommend that you save Gold Nuggets to purchase the Circular Saw and the Melting Pot. You will need both those items for future use in The Foundry and The Sawmill.

Golden Frontier Trading Post Work of Art addition


Fruit Press Trading Post

Trading Post Page 1 Trading Post Page 2 Trading Post Page 3 Trading Post Page 4Trading Post items


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