Golden Frontier Circus

Golden Frontier Circus

Golden Frontier Circus

The Circus has many advantages to the player. Neighbors receive 1-3 energy per tent, experience, and golden sand. Having one placed will also give you many rewards. Among rewards given are energy, extra neighbor visits, coins, collection items, and materials.

There are 4 Levels to filling the Circus, however the game devs do not count 0 as a level! Also, level 4 you can collect right after collecting level 3. It’s kind of like a freebie!



Building the Circus

Stage 1

Stage 1








Step 2

Step 2













Collection Stages ( filling the Circus )

Level 0

Circus Level 0












Level 1

Circus Level 1












Level 2


Circus Level 2 of 4













Level 3

Circus Tent Clicks 3 of 4












Level 4  (gifting)

Circus Tent Clicks 4 of 4












Receive many rewards upon completing the Circus

level 4 circus












Visiting Neighbors

Golden Frontier Visiting Neighbor

When visiting your neighbors, be sure to visit their circus tent. Just as you want people to visit your tent, return the favor!

Note: The ticket is FREE. Cotton Candy, Lollipop and Snuff Box gifts will come out of YOUR Game cash!



Getting energy from circus

You are limited to about 200 actions per day visiting each neighbor. Doing 5 actions for 1 neighbor will give you an extra energy.  Try visiting all your neighbors, and just tend their Circus Tent. Tending other items in their land does not show if it actually helps them, and you can use those actions for Circus. You can also get over 200 extra energy every day by just tending each Circus.


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