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Basic Information

Where do I find Gold Nuggets?

Sending Gifts

Wish List

Sending gifts From warehouse (like nails, fabric, etc)

Ways to earn Energy





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  1. mark says:

    how do you invite friends through yahoo and not facebook? I have tried several times and it does not work.

    • Bad Kitty says:

      I am not sure… I didn’t know you could play from Yahoo. Most players play from Facebook.

      • mark hennessey says:

        I don’t use facebook and i have 6 different friends that play on yahoo also. some of them have facebook but the would have to start their game over if they started playing on facebook. I first seen it on yahoo games and started playing. there is a invite in the game to email but it doesn’t work.

      • Bad Kitty says:

        Is there a small box at the bottom of your game to email support? That should be your best bet to get advice from the game devs Sorry I can’t help you more.

      • mark hennessey says:

        yes I have tried. they never get back with me.

    • Barry Rich says:

      I don’t know about yahoo, I play through Google +

  2. Kim Roberston says:

    where is the pages that show the missions?

  3. Boško Djordjevic says:

    postoji li neki link ili neka opcija da se potrebne stvari dobijaju na poklon, vidim pojedine moje komšije vrlo zahtevne zadatke za koje treba puno vremena i potrebnih stvari urade vrlo brzo neverovatno kako im to uspeva ako ne koriste neku pomoć sa strane ili nekakve botove

    • Bad Kitty says:

      There are no bots available that I know of. Sorry, there are only the special links posted on the GF community page… they give a daily bonus to all players. Do the best you can.. it’s only a game and should bring pleasure and be fun!

  4. Traci Ulry Gill says:

    Can someone tell me what the sturdy pickaxes that are the neighbor gifts used for? I feel like you will need it to complete a material or something but I don’t know what. Thanks in advance! Happy Gaming! Traci

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