Welcome to castlevillegamequests.net :)  We started this blog when the game of castleville by Zynga was first released in November of 2011. We hope you will visit us again and again, as we keep you updated on castleville quests, tips and tricks, and other information for your castleville game.

We are gamers  just as yourselves and do not work for zynga, but just want to help our friends, and neighbors go further into their castleville adventures. We have all the quest info you will need to help you in your castleville game. If you are just starting from the beginning, or are a seasoned player caught up with your quests, we hope we will be able to make your game play a more pleasurable experience than going it alone.

We have a wonderful main group : castleville game, where thousands of members post their requests daily to help each other out through their journey to make their kingdom as safe haven away from the sinister Faugrimm, and gloom free.

We post hundreds of free game links daily in our group blog to help you finish your quest tasks quicker, and have a wonderful premium link site that is updated daily will all the links you can collect, if you cannot wait for links to be posted from the fan site.

Premium Plus Info

Please join us on your daily walk through the game of castleville. Thank you for your visit, and happy gaming!

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Join our Facebook group and post your requests in group to help you finish faster!!  Ask questions, and get cool rewards from our contests!


139 Responses to About

  1. Tammi.Moon says:

    I’m confused. When I started getting cheats from your site, I received what I asked for. Now, I can’t get anything. And it’s not just your site, it’s all of them. Has Zynga/FB shut down my URL ?


    • Bad Kitty says:

      links are on limited availibility

    • Deb says:

      This is a great site. I also received numerous rewards when I started using it. Today I get the message that reward data is unavailable on virtually every link I’ve clicked. Is there anything I can do, or are there issues from Facebook?

      • Bad Kitty says:

        Yes, we are aware of the situation and working on more links. We are shorthanded on volunteers to make the links.

  2. Bev-Ann Giulietti says:

    I never did get my queens well did you run out of them?

    Bev Giulietti

    • Bad Kitty says:

      it was sent, if you cannot find it then it was a glitch. We did not make a guarantee, and since it was a free gift, and we do not work for zynga, there is nothing we can do.

  3. David says:

    Do you think you will ever make free 6-hour links again?

  4. justmickie says:

    Any chance you will offer amber in the free links? my trees don’t seem to be putting them out much anymore

  5. Linda says:

    Hi, do you know how I can get giggle gas? I keep tending the flowers but nothing happens. Thanks.

  6. mfran99 says:

    Hi, how do I get giggle gas? Can you make it? I can’t finish the quest and I keep tending flowers but nothing ever comes as the giggle gas. Thanks.

  7. Curious!!!! could you make CLAY!!! This Morter stuff is a killer!!!!

  8. Any chance of reputation links please and ty for all your efforts. x

    • Bad Kitty says:

      we will get some asap :)

      • Charlene heimberg says:

        Thanks Bad Kitty. Since I am a newbie, I cleared a few things too quickly and I have to buy them with reputation hearts. It’s killing me. Love your site and appreciate all the work involved to help you neighbors.

  9. Nathan says:

    Every link I try states Reward Data Missing. Why is that?

    • Bad Kitty says:

      try collecting with your game open, and also check the dates on the posts. All is posted CST, and links cannot be collected after they expire. RDM is a Zynga server issue otherwise. Nothing we can do about it.

  10. justmickie says:

    Any chance for reputation or crystal shards soon?
    And thank you, for all the great links!

  11. Mary Jo says:

    Im having a problem in the Haunted House ,I cant get the wig

  12. Aileen Beyer says:

    Thank all of you for your hard work. How can I support your efforts and how the heck do you play CastleVille without crashing? I quit for about a year and have so much catching up to do. I am so glad I found this page.

  13. What’s happened to all the alphabetised links please? I hope they will be back soon. Thanks for your help.

  14. Debra says:

    How do I get fire spirits in my kingdom? I am on a quest to decurse 3. lol But I have none. WIsh I had this issue with ants in my yard.

  15. brandy says:

    i can not complete , to woo a maiden quest, any ideals?

  16. brandy says:

    i can not complete astral hall quest either, can not click on it

  17. Nathan says:

    What happened to the Gloom Wolf Hair link you had on here? It’s gone. I always need them.

  18. tushort says:

    Plumes Vines. Used “Show Me” button. Stuck for 8 months. No vines. Any fix?

  19. Nathan says:

    There are no Wool links. Aren’t you posting them any longer?

  20. Nathan says:

    Maybe you can help me. I am on Level 57. And the only quest I haven’t completed that is locked still, is one for the Duke. It states “Reach Level 18 and finish the Pets Quest line to unlock.” I’m confused because I do not see how I can complete the pets quest line if it’s not there for me to complete. Have you ever heard of this before?

    Thanks !

  21. Karen says:

    I know, I have asked this before, but I didn’t see an answer. I NEVER get any White Roses, they are posted and I click them, but they are always gone. I play sometimes right as you post and they are gone that quickly. Are there really any there? I have never gotten a single rose. Thank you for answering this and for all that you do for this site. I would quit this game if not for this site. I look forward to your answer and hopefully I will see it this time. Thanks.

  22. Nathan says:

    Wondering if anyone is having a problem with the new quests for Agonia? The spell to kill the Slacks require a cup of coffee. It says that the cup of coffee can be made in the kitchen. But my kitchens do not show a cup of coffee to craft? I’m confused, can’t move on with any quests.

    • Bad Kitty says:

      Yes, everyone is. Zynga messed up yet again. They left out the cup of coffee. If you want to join our facebook group, you may enter your UID on the post about sending the coffee to members. https://www.facebook.com/groups/castlevillegame/

      • Nathan says:

        I guess I am showing my lack of computer knowledge, but where do I get my UID? Duh! Feeling stupid!

      • Bad Kitty says:

        Post an ask for item playing from facebook, then click on your own post. It wall say you can’t collect your own reward. In the top right of the address bar, there will Uid with 11 numbers. That is your personal zynga castleville UID. (don’t confuse it with the Vid that is in front of the UID!

  23. Nathan says:

    WOW ! Thanks ! I never knew that ! Now I know. As always, thank you so much!

  24. Robin says:

    Just wondering if clay or mortar will ever be available or amber?

    • Bad Kitty says:

      We have no idea! It’s up to zynga the changes that are made. Sorry it’s not a good answer, right now we’re not sure if they will ever be available, but we are always hopeful!

  25. Tom says:

    Does anyone know how to get Slacks? I need to gather crystals but they wont show up in Angonia…uggggg

  26. Nathan says:

    Help! We need more parchment pages for the quest going on now in CV. If you can help, I would appreciate it! Thank you.

  27. Tracy Nonya says:

    how can i give u parchment pages for the quest going on now in CV?

  28. Nathan says:

    Hey, thanks so much for posting all those extra links for Wood Planks! We really need them with this new quest!

  29. Does anyone know how can I complete Rafaels #1 Fan Quest 9 of 10 when I already completed it but it didn’t give me credit for completing. I have had this on my quest for over 9 months it is tell me to Banish Faugrimm from your Kingdom. Hes not there because I already banished him. Any suggestions?

  30. Nathan says:

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  31. Carol says:

    I am trying to finish up old quest and I need safety nets but I cant make them. Any suggestions

  32. Tomo Ward says:

    Do you know how can I contact Zynga Support if there is no email (I dont have premium account) I register for the Zynga Forum and it says I dont the privileges to post. I need a North Gremlin.

  33. Charlene heimberg says:

    You must be getting more popular and well known because lately all I get is data missing or already awarded. Is it possible you will be posting more than once every 2 days? This seems to especially be a problem on weekends. Thanks for all the help.

  34. Arshad Khan says:

    i want to know about throne rush game how i get builders and gems.

  35. Nathan says:

    I don’t have any North Gremlins. I keep tending flowers thinking they will pop up, but they aren’t.
    I couldn’t find the post on your fb site about the gremlins. Can you please help? Thanks!

  36. Nathan says:

    I just went back to play the game and I had two gremlins. That is great!

  37. Dave Smyth says:

    Question…I was told that there once was a quest that gave you a floating Fairy for your main land. Something like the floating Bee. If so does anyone remember that or know how to get one? I contacted Zynga sometime back ago and we told I needed to put in a suggestion or recommendation for it. I didn’t understand the comment back to me.

  38. Nathan says:

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Happy New Year to all!

  39. Danny Boggs says:

    where are the archive bonus ?

  40. Nathan says:

    Didn’t you have Castle Gates posted before? I would use them when I got low on CV money and
    cash them in for money. Thanks!

  41. Nathan says:

    No don’t be sorry. No problem. Post them whenever you can. I am just glad you guys take your time out of your schedule to do this for us! Thank you!

  42. Brenda Bell says:

    Sent a request to join but need it sent to the account I use to play castleville which I listed in my details.

  43. coste mireille says:

    bonjour,besoin de boite a outils svp merci

  44. i cant ind the summer tower it tells me its under my buildeings tab ive finished quist all things are checked green but the butten for me to place the summr tower is greyed out any ideas thax

  45. Gwen says:

    Just wondering if you got my messages from yesterday about the subscription to VIP on the 20th of this month via PayPal, that I don’t have access to…Is there something I did wrong???

  46. Gwen says:

    Apologies again…I posted this BEFORE I got your reply to the other post about the same thing…I did what you suggested, and I Thank You…
    THANK YOU as well for all the help I’ve gotten from your site..With your site I was able to complete quests that I thought I was going to have to abandon completely……
    You guys really ROCK…
    Thanks again…
    Good Day…

  47. Miranda says:

    I cant get any items anymore. The rewards are missing, it shows everytime

  48. Char says:

    I am having the same problem as Miranda. Just about every item I click on indicates “reward data is missing”. I have become so dependent on your site. Based on your reply, I know you are working on it but I just wanted you to know how much you are needed and how much I appreciate all the work that goes into posting these items. Thanks.

    • Bad Kitty says:

      We have had to change the way we do links for now. Bonus links will be very limited, unfortunately. But we are working on the main links. There should be some ready by tomorrow night. We are trying our best!

  49. Nikki Dabney says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Will links for d-l be available soon? I’ve been looking for fire pots.

  50. Celtic Rose says:

    Are there going to be more purity talisman links coming soon? I would love to be able to clear all that garbage from my game! :) Thanks so much for this site, you guys rock!!!

  51. Kimba says:

    Can you get Crystal Shards again???

    • Bad Kitty says:

      we have had some trouble making links the last couple days. Crystal shards will be posted tomorrow :)

  52. Craig says:

    Hi there, I’ve clicked on all the Energy links & refreshed the pages 5 times each, they all say “Reward Data Missing” Is this being rolled out on all items by Zynga? Thanks

  53. Barbara says:

    I just wanted to say Thank you for all the work you do to make links, If it hadn’t been for me finding this site, I would of give up on Castleville a long time ago. Thank You agin.

  54. Marcus says:

    What’s happened to all the alphabetized links please? I hope they will be back soon. Thanks for your help.

  55. Charlene says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You and your team are the best!

  56. Celtic Rose says:

    What are the chances of getting links for yogurt? I’ve been asking for it everyday for the last couple of weeks and getting none!

  57. Craig says:

    Hello, everyone, Not sure if everyone knows, But Zynga is closing Castleville Down on 30th April 2015 along with other games. 30th April is the last day we can play Castleville. Shame really I’ve been stuck on level 70 for nearly 2 years. Got 5 million to spend & 332 Crowns! There is a petition to stop Castleville from closing down not sure if i’m allowed to post the link??

  58. Miranneke says:

    Wasn’t this an april fool action???? It was posted on april 1, soo i dont know for sure to believe it………..

    • Craig says:

      Thank You Admin.
      Miranneke No it’s real, Because everytime i log into zynga, i get the same message from zynga that it’s closing with farmville & others. and to redeem my free other. i got the first message on 30th march

  59. Craig says:

    Hi, does anyone know if the last gloomed area to be opened will be available before 30 April? when the game closes? I know there’s only 21 days left, would be nice to have opened them all.
    Thanks .:-)

  60. Celtic Rose says:

    Looks like we’ve been abandoned by everyone !

  61. Craig says:

    Hi, Will you be updating the Castle Gates, no updates since 1 April? Many Thanks

  62. Craig says:

    Hi, How come the gates are still on 4/4 and all the others are on 4/15? Many Thanks

  63. Craig says:

    Hello, I notice that you updated others but haven’t updated some links on April 16th but I’ve not replied to my message on April 13th. Have you stopped updating some links and don’t reply anymore? There has been no update of the gates since 4/4, Please could we have an update of the gates pretty please??? Thanks

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