Welcome to castlevillegamequests.net :)  We started this blog when the game of castleville by Zynga was first released in November of 2011.

Since Castleville was cancelled in April 2015, we are now turning to other games, and primarily focusing on Golden Frontier. <—– Click to play!

Golden Frontier

All content, information and images were compiled with the help of many players and friends. We are not associated with Enixan, nor are we the game Devs. We cannot fix glitches or help you with lost currency, etc. We are gamers just like you who love to help with information so you may progress along in your game play.

Golden Frontier is a game, where you become a gold-prospector, willing to find a treasure and show everybody that you are the best in this matter. You’ll have to obtain gold nuggets, grow animals and build a lot of different buildings.

Need neighbors and game help?? Click here to join a great group of guys and gals also learning to play this new game   Join Here

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